About Berkeley Enterprise

Berkeley Enterprise is an international group of projects and initiatives. The core businesses include a wellness and nutrition project, entertainment, lifestyle and luxury consulting.

About Alina Reyzelman

Expert on international living and leading a healthy lifestyle, Alina Reyzelman started at humble beginnings and rose to corporate success as a self-taught financial and healthy living aficionado. Alina’s international holding Berkeley Enterprise represents all her creative projects.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Reyzelman started her career working for major oil & gas companies and consulting firms holding various senior roles. With 15 years of commercial business expertise, she found Elite Club Ltd. in 2007 and also works to promote her knowledge of healthy eating habits and wellness through her nutrition project Eat Well Co. Alina’s blog is based on a research that she used to write her book about aphrodisiacs. This book provides a new take on nutrition, wellness and the power of the lifestyle change.

Alina is involved in the motion picture development and pre-production with Landscape Films and producer Anthony Jabre. She writes movie scripts and plans to produce and direct documentaries in Hollywood.

Alina found a few charity initiatives. Her Charity Fund Embrace the World helps Russian families in need, providing them with basic items and supplies. The projects goal is to make the life of elders and children as comfortable and enjoyable is possible.

Alina Reyzelman is a strong advocate of tolerance and soft power diplomacy. She is a PhD student and studies political science in London, UK.

Alina is passionate about Russian literature and she supports the promotion of Russian classics around the world. She collects modern art and is an artist herself.