Berkeley Enterprise is international group of projects and initiatives.

The core businesses include a wellness and nutrition project, entertainment, lifestyle and luxury consulting.…

Berkeley Enterprise is proud to sponsor and support the following initiatives: BE TOLERANT EMBRACE THE WORLD SOFT DIPLOMACY

Alina’s World Restaurant Guide collects the reviews of all the restaurants Alina Reyzelman has had the privilege to experience during her travels. The Guide includes reviews from more than a dozen countries, including England, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the US. Special features include interviews with world-renowned chefs.

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Elite Club offers a wide range of bespoke services for every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle. The company provides consulting about luxury products, and offers creative solutions, innovative ideas, and information about the latest trends in the luxury industry. Elite Club reports about amazing travel destinations, exclusive gifts, elite real estate, and more. Elite Club creates a perfect opportunity to network with other professionals in the world of luxury and exclusivity. Visit Elite Club

Elite Club Ltd.'s City Guide is the ultimate destination for people who appreciate exclusive travel. From personal wellbeing to special hotel stays and luxury product shopping, Elite Club Ltd.'s website is the unique destination for world-wide living.

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Eat Well Co founder Alina Reyzelman travels the world and tasting, cooking, learning, and understanding what encompasses a healthy lifestyle, and is passionate about inspiring others to be creative in the kitchen. Eat Well Co. provides powerful lifestyle insights to help transform curiosity about healthy eating habits into a permanent lifestyle. Visit EatWellCo
Berkeley Entertainment is a film production initiative that is involved in various projects in filmmaking industry. One of the key projects is the development and pre-production of the motion picture RITES OF MEN with Landscape Films and producer Anthony Jabre. Learn More